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Photomontages of John Stezaker

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This week, we had an assignment to critique a professional photomontage.

A classmate shared collagework from John Stezaker and I discovered Stezaker’s Mask series.

From an interview: “They seem somehow more human than the rather blasé portraits from which they are made. They seem vulnerable and tragicomic. Why they fascinate me, I don’t know.”

And on his collage work as a whole:

“In the early 70s, when I made the decision to work within the horizons of already existent found images, it was in response to a sense of image glut- that there were already too many images in the world. I could not see a reason for adding to them. Rather I felt the important thing was to find a way of negotiating a path through this image multiplicity. The solution for me was collage.”


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