I’m hard at work on two graphic novel pitches, but open to freelance illustration and animation – explainer projects. For book related inquiries, please contact my agent, Anna Olswanger.

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Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Empathy and Imagination through Historical Fiction

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Getting back to blog posting is a little different for me because usually I just post illustrations that I'm working on, but my graphic novel pitch is now in active…

Adventures in Graphic Novels – The Beginning

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It's hard to know where to begin. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has come and hopefully is on its way out, I'm graduated from RMCAD Illustration (Children's Books) and have been…

My Free Visual Storytelling From Your Imagination Course on Skillshare

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I have a new class! It's called Visual Storytelling from Your Imagination   I'm teaching it on Skillshare HERE If you click on the link above, you'll be able to…